Wheelchair Play Towers
Wheelchair Play Towers Wheelchair Play Towers Wheelchair Play Towers

Rainbow Wheelchair Play Towers

The Rainbow Wheelchair Play Towers include large low level platforms linked by shallow inclined or level bridges with different sensory experiences. Wheelchair users will feel sensations through their wheels as they pass over rumble logs, diagonal rumble strips, alternating rumble strips, the bumpy bridge, the wavy angled bridge and left to right judder strips.

There are raised planters incorporated into the towers which can be planted with herbs to add smell as another sensory experience, as well as large musical chimes which surround the user so they feel the vibrations when the chimes are played. The towers lead up to a lookout platform at the highest point where interactive play panels can be incorporated.

There is the additional option of having a floor piano laid into the tower system which will play musical notes as wheelchairs run over it and clear plastic bubble dome lookout points in the side panels of the ramps.

We can add coloured perspex shapes into the roofed tower so coloured patterns of light shine through, or musical triangles could be hung below the roof to tap as users pass beneath.