Children Playing on Trailer slide - stainless steel
Children Playing on Trailer slide - stainless steel Trailer slide with three children playing Trailer slide - children sliding Blue Trailer Slide with Yellow Wheels Green Trailer Slide with GRP Twin Lane Slide

Trailer Slide

Our Trailer Slide is the perfect Farm Play item to compliment our Tommy Tractor.

Another of our best selling products and installed in Family Attractions, Holiday Parks, Local Authority play areas all over the UK.

Our Trailer Slide adds a whole new dimension of play to Tommy Tractors offering, incorporating motion play with role play.

Hand made in our workshop in Cornwall – See below for more information about our Trailer Slide.

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What is the Trailer Slide made out of?

Panelled with minimum 15mm thick HDPE Panels – No painting, no splintering, no cracking.

FSC certified high grade European red wood base & frame that has received a 30 year treatment.

GRP twin lane slide (Or stainless steel at extra cost)

Can I choose the colours?

Yes you can! We have a great selection of colours to choose from.

Over the years customers have chosen colours to suit their favourite brand of Tractor. For instance, Green & Yellow for John Deere, Blue & White for New Holland, Red & Grey for Massey Ferguson or you can choose to match your branding.

Can I add my branding to the Trailer Slide?

Yes you can. The sides of the Trailer Slide lend themselves perfectly to showing off your branding and making your Trailer Slide bespoke to you.

All we need is a high resolution image (Vector image) of your branding or chosen image and we can do the rest.

What does FSC certified timber mean?
Forest Stewardship Council. The forests have to prove that they are managed in an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable manner.
What fixings do you use?

Stainless Steel Fixings throughout which means no rust.

Do I need safety surface?

The safety area recommended for Tommy Tractor & Trailer slide together is 8m x 5m = 40sqm

Technically, both Tommy & Trailer Slide can be placed on well kept turf without a safety surface however, once that turf is worn, it is no longer a sufficient safety surface. That is why we recommend fitting a safety surface from the beginning as it saves adding it at a later date.

What about delivery & installation. Can I install the Trailer Slide myself?

Yes, you can. The Trailer Slide comes as a fully assembled unit. It is very heavy so you will need a telehandler (Or similar) with a competent driver to unload the lorry and carefully place in to position.  Once the Trailer Slide is in position, unwrapped and checked over, it is ready to be enjoyed by your children.

The Trailer Slide will need to be placed on to a level area. We will provide any other information you require.

I don’t want to be responsible for installing the Trailer Slide, can you come and do it for us?

Of course we can. If we have an operative in your area, we can give you a quote to come along and install the equipment for you. We will need some information about your site along with some photos of the actual site & the access route from the lorry unloading area to the play area site.

What other equipment works well with the Trailer Slide?

Items that go well our Trailer Slide – Check out the rest of the Farm Play Vehicle Range & our Farm Play Rockers & Springer’s range

Could I add more Farm related play items at a later date?

Yes, of course you can. If you make a dream plan of how you want your play area laid out in the future, you can add equipment as & when it suits you and your budgets. Tommy Tractor & Trailer Slide are very happy on their own or within a bigger play scheme.

Where is the Trailer Slide often seen?
See Tommy at Family Attractions such as  Whitehouse Farm  and at Paradise Park   but also at Holiday Cottages, Holiday Parks, Local play areas to name a few.
If you have any more questions, drop us an email or phone call now.