Lanner nr Redruth, Cornwall

Another before and after success story!

We recently called in at Lanner and visited a play area that we installed and signed off last Autumn; we like to pop by after a couple of months have passed and check all is well.

The site originally had a Junior Tower System that had definitely been new for far too long. Parish Councils are often working to tight budgets and where possible we aim to repair and refurbish existing equipment if safe and cost effective to do so.

In this case however the Junior System – and as the customer suspected – was beyond refurbishment and replacement was the best option. There was a perfectly serviceable safety surface within the area that just needed topping up, so we designed a Tower System to fully utilise the existing safety area, with plenty of activities to cater for lots of children. We left off the cosmetic items such as roofs etc to save pennies. This enabled the Parish Council to install a nice new unit at a reasonable price.

Also within the play area was an existing steel frame tower system for the younger children that was looking quite tatty. We inspected it thoroughly and found that the main steel frame was completely sound along with the components but the panels and floors were all rotting with paint flaking etc. We replaced the floors and panels with HDPE – an affordable, long term solution, which will look great for many years. The steel work is due for a repaint when the spring comes along and they will use their own contractors to carry out these works.

Yet another happy customer who has recommended us to another potential customer because they were so pleased with the service we gave. Word of mouth is certainly proving to be our most effective marketing tool.