Bishop Bronescombe School and its large grounds which have been predominately undeveloped were in desperate need for some form of play area.

The Challenge

Bishop Bronescombe were keen to have a nautical themed play area as the school looks out over the glorious St Austell Bay. They wanted a design that made use of a grassy bank leading onto the school playing field and a design that incorporated role play, bank scrambling activities, as well as agility equipment.

The Solution

Designed especially for Bishop Bronescombe School, the bespoke boat themed play area makes use of a grassy bank which the children were desperate to play on. The selection of colourful play equipment offers themed role play for the youngest users and energetic bank scrambling activities for older children, as well as agility equipment to improve balance.
Client Testimonial

This was probably one of the smoothest projects I personally have managed. The equipment is well built, exciting, imaginative, innovative, striking and fit for purpose. This, we hope, will be the first of many creative play areas on our site, and we can’t wait to see the next one! We hope to have a very long working relationship with Outdoor Play People and would encourage people to get in touch with them!