Lerryn Outdoor Classroom
Lerryn Outdoor Classroom Lerryn Outdoor Classroom Lerryn Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classrooms can be as exciting as you want them to be… or as the budget allows.

This design brought a disused area of a School in to a two story, educational heaven. The top floor is the classroom area which leads out to a decked zone which leads to the garden. The other side has the opportunity to climb or slide down to the tarmac play area.

The ground floor is a storage zone which could also double up as a Role play area.

Totally bespoke, designed in close conjunction with the academy. A something special for this gorgeous outdoor area.


To ensure you get the shelter your school needs. When helping you to create your amazing new outdoor space, we consider EVERYTHING!

Your School is unique and therefore anything you add to it needs a lot of thought. We go through a comprehensive list of questions to ensure we have dotted the i’s & crossed all of the T’s.

Its as important to us as it is to you that you love this space long after we have left your school gates.

Useful Information
  • Heavy duty Timber construction
  • 30 Year treated timber
  • High Grade Poly carbonate roof (Or other roof available on request).
  • High grade galvanised or stainless steel fixings.
  • Designed with lots of thought & hand built with love!

Send us your wish list and together, lets see what we can create!